Your choice of traditional or roasted red pepper served with grilled pita and veggies. $11.95

Spicy Feta Dip
Served with grilled pita and veggies. $12.95

Chicken Wings
Choice of buffalo hot, BBQ, Mild (combo of BBQ & Hot Sauce), or 911 hot sauce served with ranch dressing. $18.95

Guacamole and Chips
Crispy tortilla chips served with fresh homemade guacamole. $14.95

Served with pico de gallo, shredded lettuce, and sour cream. $10.95

Seasoned Fries
Fries cut in the house seasoned with our secret mix of spices.$5.95 



Sweet Potato Tator Tots
Our famous Tator Tots. Served with bistro dipping sauce.$8.50

Polish pizza bread. Brick oven baked baguette. Topped with sautéed garlic mushrooms, provolone cheese. Topped with ketchup, garlic sauce, and green onion. $9.95

Chicken Tenders
Served with your choice of dipping sauce. $10.95

Homemade Cheese Curds
Served with ranch. $10.95

Greek Fries
Topped with feta, lemon, oregano. $9.95

French Fries. $5.95

Sweet Potato Tator Tots: Served with bistro dipping sauce. $8.50

3 meat and 3 potato and cheese pierogis topped with bacon bits and served with a side of sour cream. $11.95


Caesar Salad
Romaine, shaved parmesan. $10.95

Bacon Ranch Salad
Romaine, apple wood smoked bacon bits, Wisconsin cheddar, and buttermilk ranch dressing. $12.95

House Salad
Romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, shaved parmesan and your choice of dressing. $10.50


Greek Salad
Romaine, tomato wedges, cucumbers, red onion, kalamata olives, green peppers, feta, tossed with Greek vinaigrette. $12.95

Add to any Salad
Chicken $3.95
Bacon $1.50
Avocado $3.00

Available dressings: Ranch, Blue Cheese, Caesar, Honey Mustard, Oil/Vinegar, Greek Vinagrette, Balsamic.

Sandwiches and wraps

All sandwiches are served with a pickle and your choice of french fries, seasoned fries, chips, coleslaw, or side salad (substitute for cheese fries, Greek fries, tater tots or cheese curds for $1.95)

Chicken Avocado Panini
Grilled chicken, bistro mayo, avocado, cucumber, Provolone, tomato, and romaine lettuce. $14.95

Spicy Feta Chicken Panini
Grilled chicken breast, spicy feta spread, baby spinach, red onion, tomato. $14.95

Greek Chicken Salad Wrap
Grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, green pepper, cucumber, and feta cheese topped with greek dressing and wrapped in a flour tortilla. $14.95

Crispy Chicken wrap
Crispy chicken breast, Tomato, romaine lettuce, cheddar cheese and choice of dressing. $14.95

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pretzel bun, pickles, 1/2 pound BBQ pulled pork lechon. $14.95


Jerry’s Special Sandwich
Grilled chicken breast, black forest ham, sautéed red onions, mushrooms, mayo and provolone cheese on a steak roll. $14.95

Fresh Garden Veggie Wrap
Tomatoes, baby spinach, green peppers, cucumber, red onions, roasted red pepper hummus and avocado wrapped in a honey wheat tortilla. $13.50

California Wrap
Grilled Chicken, roasted red pepper hummus, avocado, tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, and baby spinach honey wheat tortilla. $14.95

Cubano Sandwich 
Pork lechon, black forest ham, pickles, swiss cheese and mustard served on a steak roll. $14.95


(All burgers are made with Black Angus chuck steak beef and served on a sesame bun with lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo, coleslaw, pickle, and a side of either french fries, seasoned fries, or chips)

Backyard BBQ
1/2 lb. all beef patty, Apple wood smoked bacon, american cheese, BBQ pork lechon, buttermilk ranch, Memphis sweet BBQ sauce. $15.95

Eggscelent Burger
1/2 lb. all beef patty, over easy egg, apple wood smoked bacon pieces, black forest ham, bistro mayo, Wisconsin cheddar. $15.95

911 Burger
1/2 lb. all beef patty, Cajun seasoning, red hot tobasco & chili sauce, spicy Dijon mustard, jalapenos, chipotle mayo, provolone. $15.95


Build Your Own Burger
Start off with a half-pound all beef patty to order served on a sesame bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle. $9.90
Add fries or chips for additional $1.70

Add Ons
American, Wisconsin Cheddar, Provolone, Feta, Fresh Mozzarella or Swiss Cheese; $1.50 each.

Apple wood smoked bacon bits, Avocado Slices, or Coleslaw; $1.95 each.

Sautéed Mushrooms, Sliced Jalapeños, Green peppers, Sautéed Onions, Baby spinach, Crispy onion straws, Cucumbers; 0.95¢ each.

Pizza & Flatbreads

Classic Margherita (12 inch)
Fresh mozzarella, tomato, and fresh basil. $17.95

House Margherita (12 inch)
Fresh mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil, avocado, balsamic glaze, and truffle oil. $18.95

Build your Own Pizza (12 inch)
Choose from a variety of fresh ingredients. $17.95

BBQ Pizza (12 inch)
BBQ sauce, pork lechon, pepper jack and mozzarella cheeses topped with House Branch sauce. $18.95

BLTR Flatbread
Bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mozzarella cheese combined on a freshly made flatbread drizzled with ranch makes for the most epic BLTR to ever grace your table. $10.95



Pesto Chicken Flatbread
Pesto ranch sauce, diced chicken, mozzarella cheese, sundried tomatoes, and fresh spinach.$10.95

Hot Hawaiian Flatbread
Pizza sauce, ham, pineapple, jalapenos, topped with mozzarella cheese.$10.95

Southwest Chicken Flatbread
Cajun Chicken, grilled onion & peppers topped with cheddar and pepper jack cheese to be finally finished with chipotle mayo and pico de gallo.$10.95

Apple BBQ Flatbread
Homemade apple BBQ sauce, chicken, peppers, and onions, topped with mozzarella cheese.$10.95

Supreme Flatbread
Pizza sauce, green pepper, onion, mushroom, sausage, pepperoni, topped with mozzarella cheese.$10.95



Chicken Kabob plate
Two chicken kabobs with a side of basmati rice topped with spinach and feta, Side salad with greek dressing, comes with a side of Tzatiki sauce. $15.95

Mediterranean skillet
Grilled chicken, garlic, marinara sauce, bell peppers, tomatoes, baby spinach topped with melted feta, parmesan and olive oil. $15.95

Three corn tortillas filled with pork lechon, chopped onion and cilantro, served with a side of picode gallo and Sour Cream. $10.95

Sweet Treats

Homemade Tiramisu

Limoncello Cake

Vanilla Ice Cream
Your choice of caramel, strawberry, or chocolate sauce topping. $4.50

Belgian Chocolate Cake


Oreo Lolipop


Aloe Vera: Tanqueray Gin, Peach Liqueur, Aloe Vera Juice
Banana Split: Vanilla Vodka, Dark Godiva, Crème de Banana, cream, cherry
Chocolate: Vanilla Vodka, Dark & White Godiva
Chocolate Mint: Vodka, White Godiva, Crème de Menthe, Baileys
Coconut: Vodka, Malibu, coconut milk, pineapple juice
Cucumber: Vodka, fresh mint leaves, sliced cucumber, simple syrup
Espresso: Vanilla Vodka, Espresso, Kahlua, White Crème de Cacao
French: Raspberry Vodka, Raspberry Liqueur, pineapple juice
Jolli Rancher: Vodka, Watermelon Schnapps, splash of sour mix
Key Lime: Vanilla Vodka, Melon Liqueur, Malibu, Lime Juice, Triple Sec, Whip Cream
Lemon Drop: Citrus Vodka, Triple Sec, Sweet & Sour mix
Mango: Vodka, Mango Nectar, Triple Sec
Peach: Vodka, Triple Sec, Peach Schnapps, splash of peach nectar
Pear: Pear Vodka, Pear Juice
Pink Panther: Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Strawberry Schnapps, Pineapple Juice
Pomegranate: Vodka, Pomegranate Liqueur, Cranberry Juice
Raspberry: Raspberry Vodka, Raspberry Liqueur, Triple Sec, Orange juice
Raspberry Truffle: Raspberry Vodka, Dark Godiva, Raspberry Liqueur, cream
Red Velvet Cupcake: Cake Vodka, Dark Chocolate Liqueur, Grenadine
Salted Carmel: Vanilla Vodka, RumChata, Butterscotch Schnapps, Salt
Snickers Bar: Vanilla Vodka, Baileys, Kahlua, Frangelico, Amaretto
Sour Apple: Vodka, Sour Apple Schnapps, Sweet & Sour
South Beach: Malibu Rum, Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Cranberry, Orange juice
Strawberry: Vodka, Strawberry Liqueur, Sweet & Sour
Strawberry Shortcake: Vanilla Vodka, Strawberry Schnapps, Amaretto, Cream
Tiramisu: Vanilla Vodka, RumChata, Kahlua, Expresso
Washington Apple: Crown Royal, Sour Apple Schnapps, Cranberry Juice
Watermelon: Vodka, Watermelon Schnapps, Melon Liqueur, cranberry


Import Bottles
Zywiec (Poland)
Baltika 7 (Russia)
Zagorka (Bulgaria)
Leikem Original (Germany)
Becks (Germany)
Guiness (Ireland)
Corona and Corona Light (Mexico)
Dos Equis (Mexico)
Heineken (Holland)
Stella (Belgium)

Okocim (Poland)
Hacker-Pschorr (Germany)
Dab (Germany)

Domestic Bottles
Miller Light
Bud Light

Domestic Craft
Samuel Adams
Fat Tire


Castle Rock Pinot Noir: Glass $8 Bottle $36
Castle Rock Merlot: Glass $8 Bottle $36
Kumbaya Red Blend: Glass $7 Bottle $32
Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon: Glass $8 Bottle $36

Santa Julia Pinot Grigio: Glass $7 Bottle $32
Castle Rock Chardonnay: Glass $7 Bottle $32
Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling: Glass $7 Bottle $32
Fire Road Sauvignon Blanc: Glass $7 Bottle $32 

Bricco Riella Moscato D’asti: Glass $7 Bottle $32
Serena Sweet Red: Glass $7 Bottle $32

Segura Viudas Vrut Reserva: 187ml bottle $9.00

Signature Cocktails

Mojito: Classic, Mango, Peach, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Strawberry
Mai Tai: Myers’s Rum, Orange and Pineapple Juice, Grenadine
Rum Runner: Myers’s Rum, Banana Liqueur, Blackberry Brandy, Orange & Pineapple Juice
Zombie: Southern Comfort, Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Blue Curacao, Amaretto, Orange, Pineapple & cranberry juices
South Beach: Malibu Rum, Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Orange & Cranberry juices

Coffee and Beverages

Espresso Drinks

(All coffees can be made Hot or Ice Blended)

Espresso $3.15
Double Expresso $3.15
Long Expresso $3.15
Cappuccino or Latte $4.55
Americano $2.95
Chai Tea Latte $4.45
Frappe $4.20
Steamed Milk (with flavor shot) $4.15
Macchiato $4.10
Melange $4.55
Ice Cream Coffee $4.25
Cinnamon Bunn Latte $5.20
Salted Carmel Mocha $5.20
Cherry Forest Mocha $5.20
White Chocolate Mocha $5.20
Café Mocha $5.20
Hot Chocolate $4.45
Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate $4.20


San Pellegrino Sparkling Water (500ml) $4.50
San Pellegrino Limonata $3.95
San Pellegrino Aranciata $3.95
Natural Spring Water $2.95
Sweet Leaf Organic Peach Iced Tea (sweetened) $4.00
Tea (Green, Earl Grey, Chamomile, Moroccan Mint, Wild Raspberry, Chai Spice Black Tea) $3.00
Red Bull $4.50
Bottled Coca-Cola $3.50
Juice (Mango, Peach, Pineapple, Orange, Grapefruit, Cranberry, Tomato) $3.75